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Saturday, July 22, 2006

What's a Copywriting Tune-up? Why Should You Care?

Hustling to beat out your competition? Is victory in view?

Or, does an inner voice keep you awake at night wondering whether you've overlooked something simple?

Just as a fish doesn't see the water around it, it's easy to let the writing of your marketing materials swim by without reeling it in for closer study.

Do your prospects find your promotional literature clear and easy-to-understand? It may be murkier than you think. Don't get caught thinking, "prospects know why we're the best choice they can make."

Unless prospects see, "what's in it for them," chances are you need to clean the tank.

Welcome to Copywriting Tune-ups where we focus on making communications clear, crisp, and compelling.

We start by mentioning the industry of the company, its size and anything else relevant. Next, we take a snippet from their website, re-write it and show them side-by-side.

But, we don't stop there. We serve up quick stats comparing both selections for ease of reading. Better still, you get a summary explaining why the re-write is:
  • easier to understand
  • more human
  • a better sales tool
Snippets come mainly from websites in software, professional services and training and development. Occasionally, we look at self-help stuff like yoga, meditation, nutrition, or coaching.

Clarity is the highest priority of a Copywriting Tune-up. With clarity, your excellent qualities rise to the surface especially your warmth and humanity. The more "human" your literature comes across, the more you connect with your audience on an emotional level. Bond with your audience through their hearts and they'll use their heads to justify choosing you first.

Finish reading a Copywriting Tune-up. Think about how copy affects your business. Use the links here or in the sidebar to request a:
Excited you're here. Look forward to a lively exchange of ideas.

To your marketing success,

Eric Rosen
Clear Crisp Communications
Tel: 408.506.0719
Fax: 814.253.5142
eric.rosen AT
Easier to Read Means More Sales and Leads


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